Because Nobody Reads Facebook Notes

Listen to young children, they know the things you have long forgotten,
Listen to your Grandmother, she can see herself in you,
Listen to your mailman, he knows more than you suspect,

Listen to the words that people need tell someone, words that they need to hear themselves speak

Let them vent,

Let them cry,

Let them talk, and talk, and talk,

Offer no advice, no solutions, no insights . . . . just your attention

and you will find that just by sitting on the other end of a phone, behind a counter, in the passenger seat, across the table, on the swing, by the water, you have done more to lift their spirits then you would ever imagine.

Listen to your sisters, they have so much to tell,
Listen to your Father, it will take time but it is important to him,
Listen to the janitor, he knows more then the mailman,
Listen and you will learn their strengths and fears, know their dreams
and understand their passions.

Listen to your friends, those are the times you will remember,
Listen to your Mother, and hear the message behind the words,
Listen as a brother, wanting to protect, waiting to comfort, and willing to let go

Listen in crowed rooms, and out on patio benches,
Listen under the stars, and over the breakfast table

Listen and you will find friends in unexpected places.
Listen and you will be an unexpected friend in every place.


I have no idea what I'm doing...

I'm doing this to upload higher res versions of my photos. Facebook just makes them to small, so I'll put pictures, videos, any amazing insights up here.