A ruddy drop of manly blood, The surging sea outweighs

A few years I found Emerson's essay on friendship. I liked it so much I printed it out. I marked it up. I read it over and over - it got highlighted and underlined. Folded and stuffed in my camera bag. I did not agree with all of what he had to say - but he made me think. And I really enjoyed all that I thought about - I will not quote him here - I'll leave that for you. Blogs are so rarely actually read. More often they are perused.

I printed it out again tonight.

Tomorrow is new.

Today is almost done.

I am tired.

So much to say.

Read a good book - read old letters - listen to people - listen to their hearts, they open up when you do.

Go to bed early. Rise with the dawn. Breath air you have never breathed before. Take the beauty you see with you. Store it away for when all beauty is dark. Grace grows in the winter.

Spring is here.

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  1. Do you take requests? If so.... your bike! The cyclist(and photographer) in me wants to see your mad skills at snapping your ride!