So much more . . .






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A few weddings, an engagement, a field trip.



Days fly by in a blur – 5:00 comes earlier and earlier each day, sweat and planning, and preparing.  Thinking and reworking, and designing and staying a head of the guys, got to stay a head of the guys . . .



The days are getting warmer, the night are still cool.  The wind howls.






Falling asleep to old recordings of Gunsmoke.


I can hear the frogs and the crickets and the sheep.





quiet still sounds . . . . sounds which let you sit and think of nothing, sounds that let your weary mind rest.


And you so want to rest – to find solace in something outside of and apart from the cool breeze, and the stars, and the willow trees, and . . .


And . . . . you sigh, and breath in the cool air deep – knowing that it’s not the air – its not the crickets – its not the car – its not the job – its not the camera – or the pictures – or the books – or the food – or the bike rides – or the music – or the tears – or the smiles – or the memories –


life is so much more.