I can't stand those pictures so I'm blogging again

Its late and the end of a long week, I can't sleep, feeling drained, and tired, content, but muddled. I found these pictures, and I don't think I've posted them yet. Long day, and long week but only 14 weeks of school left. Only 14 more weeks, seems so close, so near, like standing with your nose on the glass of a window that goes all the way to the floor. Your 30 stories up and only an inch away from the edge, and while you are not afraid, you are . . . . tense, alert, and more aware. I fear that I've started to ramble now, it's to warm in here. I'm in a sort of film noir mood, it should be drizzling, a cool wet breeze flowing outside my window. I need a desk with a lamp, a phone and a calender. I need a hat to wear off kilter, and a chair to lean back in with my feet up. Where is Gutman? Where is Sam Spade when you need him? Atmosphere so thick you could get lost in it. It's a sort of slow night, warm and close, I want out of it, out of here, to drive and listen to Holly Cole long into the cool night, driving fast, listening to the sound of the bass, wanting to sleep, longing to dream, waiting for the morrow, with it's promise of a fresh day.

Get plenty of sleep and eat well when you can.