The First DSLR Shots . . . be patient - I'm learning

Tree on the Mall

By the way - one of these was shot on a point and shoot - not the SLR can you determine which one?


  1. Neil, is there a prize for the correct quess? Even if there isn't, I have one (plus one): the tree on the mall ... or the soft-of self portrait.

  2. "Self Portrait ~ Sort of . . ."
    Would be my answer out of the fact the camera in your hand looks so small compared to the SLR's I've seen. Great job man!

  3. Wrong on both counts - the low light conditions I think might account for the noise you see in these shots - the light and my inexperience with the camera, so thats two pictures down, seven left, keep at it people!


  4. Great works u got here ...

    and my answer for the quiz is "Light" ! Am i right ?

    thanks for visiting my blog

  5. No not light, I'll give you guys a few more guesses