Photocontest . . .

So a few days ago a friend of sent me an email in regards to an upcoming photo contest that the school is holding -
I hope you have heard about this. You should definitely enter. You will undoubtedly be come famous-er.
Check it out. photocontest.wsu.edu

So the hard part becomes what to enter?

I've made a short list - I can enter up to four, they have some very specific rules so I've picked those that I think meet their criteria - please feel free to leave any suggestions as to what you like the most - commenting is easy, you don't have to have an account to comment, so please feel free - thanks again and I'll keep you posted.

Early Morning Light

Again thanks for any input you have and I'll keep you all posted as to the results.


  1. 1) Canoeing on the Clark Fork
    2) Frosty Pullman Mornings 2
    3) Half on hour of hard work
    4) Sunrise on the Palouse

    Good luck!

  2. Oh, wow. Those are all really good pictures; it's so hard to decide.I really hope you win. You should definitely enter. I'll be rooting for you! Is there a way we will be able to see the entries before they judge?

    1) Frosty Pullman Mornings 2
    2) Early Morning Light
    3) Early Morning Snail
    4) Later we ran into a badger

    It was hard to decide between "Later we ran into a badger" and "Moscow Mountain Creek" because I have seen the grassy plains before. Overall though, I think that the plains are much more attractive. :)

    Hope you do well!

  3. Camping looks awesome man. Can't wait to hear how you do!

  4. the contrast is beautiful in "camping," and the composition and exposure in "early morning light" are both uber good and are also the most unusual out of all of photos i'd have to say. but that's just my biased opinion as an art major. : ) good luck!

  5. hmmm not sure...

    I'm thinking In no particular order:

    - Canoeing on the Clark fork - cause of the unique angle

    - Early Morning Light - What Heidi Said ;)

    - Frosty Pullman Mornings 2 - I like the mix of warm and dark colors, the life of the flower that has been frozen in the winter, and just the capturing of the frost, you definitely inspired me with this one...

    - Moscow Mountain Creek - I really like the motion you captured

    Oh and just as a thought after reading the rules. Would Sunrise on the Palouse or Palouse Pre-Dawn still have the same effect if cropped to the 8 x 10 requirement?

    Also would it be bad form if I entered as well...

    I really do hope you win!

  6. I like the butterfly, the snail, and the second frosty morning one the best. But I'm not a photographer. =) All of them are really lovely though. Let us know how it goes!

  7. Okay, here are my favorites: Moscow Mountain Creek, Early Morning Snail, Later We Ran Into a Badger, All in a Day's Work.