Ok -

Been told that my blog is getting a little emo as of late so here's an attempt to fix that. I'll tell you about my drive home Sunday night.

Sunday night, Nicole and I left Portland lateish, after having a blast with Alex & Angela. Drove from Portland to Seattle, I should napped the whole way - I needed it, seeing how I was going to be driving from Seattle to Pullman as soon as we got to Nicole's. I should have napped, but I wanted to drive - why did I want to drive - because I did not want to nap - why did I not want to nap - because I wanted to not waste precious hours sleeping when I could be talking with Nicole.

Finally with a half an hour or so left in the drive I pull over, and let Nicole drive. I get a little sleep, we get to Nicoles place and one of my tires is very flat - twenty minutes and a can of fix-a-flat later I'm on the road - it's late now around 12:30 on a Monday morning. I get a text - I miss my exit, I'm trying to get off the freeway and get turned around - I notice a sound.

I pull over at the nearest gas station.

The nearest gas station is in a very sketch part of town - very sketch.

I get out and belrigerant drunks start being beligerant.

I'm tired - they are in my bubble - I'm trying to look as big and as "let this sleeping dog lie" as possible. They don't get it. I get back in my car - not even going to try to change this tire here. Tell one guy that I will slam the car door on him if he does not move. (Total lie - the handle on that door is held on with one small screw, could not do it even if I wanted to) He tries to scare me - I scare him. Close the door and drive off.

On my very flat tire.

Pull over some distance away and start working on this tire.

Two more gentlemen approach me, only this time they are the cool bums that you want to be friends with and share your sandwhich with and talk about life and their tavels with. They give me some advice, and wish me luck.

Finally around 1:30 I've got the spare on, and head towards Pullman, arriving in town half an hour before work.

Some weekends are longer than others - totally worth every bit - and tireing too!

I might toss some captions on these later but for now. . .


  1. Dude, emo is the last word that comes to my mind when I think of you. ;)

  2. Hey! That's our digester!

    Seriously, I love the train shot.

  3. hmm... long drives. The first summer Jonathan and I were dating we drove to a wedding in Omak. We were up VERY early in the morning and returned very late that night. Mind you, Omak is a 5 hour drive - each way. I don't think I'll ever forget those driving hours. We had some intense conversation we never could have had staring right at each other. Cars are good for that, yes, very good for that.

  4. Wow dude, I'd never call your Blogs emo. They're very thought provoking and full of emotion. I might live in a totally different bubble, but that's not being emo...
    It wouldn't be you if it was not full of thought and emotion. Don't change bro, don't change.

  5. You are a great something else...love, love from dick and auntie lin in Alaska...don't ever stop writing...ever...it's a gift from God...