Second favorite hoodie, at best.


I came across these guys ages ago – The Hackensaw Boys.  I own 4 of their 5 albums, but only ever listen to this album titled “Keep it Simple” and they do.  And it’s good.  It’s bluegrass – not amazing bluegrass, it’s not going to change your life. It’s like your second favorite hoodie, not your favorite hoodie – but one that you do enjoy very much.

It could be faded, maybe it’s a little stained.  It smells like you, like pipe smoke and grilled steak. Sometimes you leave it in the car so that if you’re out and about, you’ll have something to wear if the weather turns.  It comes with you on many adventures, never the star – but rather more of a silent partner, keeping you warm – it does not keep you dry in the rain, but in the end you find that you really don’t mind.


That’s how I would describe this album – not a “OOOhhh! You’ve got to try this now!!!”, but – more of a “hmmmm – you might like these guys”


Maybe it’s the cover art, maybe it’s the banjo, maybe it’s the harmonica – I don’t know . . .


It’s a song, it’s an album that I’ve taken on many a pleasant walk, walks in the rain, walks thru remote and rolling wheat fields.  On ferry rides, and thru steaming cups of coffee.  Long drives, and early mornings.  Maybe that’s why I like it, because it reminds me of all those things – it’s a song that I don’t have to listen to, to enjoy – does that make any sense? 


What I mean is, I guess is that is as much a memory for me as it is a song.  When I hear it, I hear the words, and the notes, and the banjo, and the vocal harmonies – and I enjoy them, for what they are – but it’s more than that.  In the same way a that a residence becomes home, not for where it is or how long you’ve lived there – but for what has happened under that roof, and between those four walls.  Home could be any roof – between any four walls.

There is so much in life that is this way – things that we enjoy, not for themselves – but rather for what they remind us of, what they allow us experience.  How often do we share in a friends hobby, or in their delight – because it is they, our friend, that we enjoy.    Why are bad - faded, blurry, and overexposed pictures some of our most precious and most dear . . .


And looking back at this – I fear I’ve given this little song such a big build up, that you may find it a little underwhelming – so please remember – it’s just a song.



A second favorite hoodie, at best.



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