Crusted with Barnacles


There are reminders still . . . like drops of oil that float to the surface.  Upward they rise, slowly leaking out the hull of ship, long sunken – a memory which still has the power to haunt you.

They break on the surface – spreading out – leaving a rainbow colored sheen on the water – a reminder of what once happened here. 


Don’t confuse buried and forgotten with processed and completed.  As relics from that wreck wash up on shore do not throw them back into the sea – the sea does not hold it’s secrets forever – no, it disgorges them – sometimes in storms, sometimes in gales, sometimes on washed up tangled with seaweed, crusted with barnacles – and smelling odious.  No, rather take those relics you find – relics you cannot bear to have near you and take them to the Lord, He trades grace for relics.  He trades generously.




Generously indeed.


And the more you bring in trade, the more relics you’ll start to see, and the more you’ll start to bring.  Soon in your eagerness you’ll start digging around, you’ll starting hunting for relics seeing what you’ll be able to find.






God is faithful – faithful indeed.

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