So we want an epic-ish/awkward-ish house photo


Can you do that???

Well I thought I could.



So I drove over, and we woke up early.  Early enough to catch the predawn light.  We could see our breath – the November waters were frigid.  Water adds a new dynamic to the process – you can’t undry.  It’s cold – there are whoops and WHOOPS, and loud cries – loud enough to interest the park ranger.  The sun is rising – the Sound is flat and still – and the water is frigid.  I’ve got my foot in a brace and it’s starting to rain.  Out comes the umbrella.  350 shots later we head back to shore – wet and shivering.



Epic and awkward? 


You tell me . . . .



Finding focus in the early predawn light



Metering - early in the shot, notice the water level at mid calf



Think "Cover art for Christan Boy Band" 


This IS their Christmas Card



Screwing their courage to the sticking point



To emerge - you must first submerge



This was considered to indecent for the Christmas card


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


In my element


  1. Neil, the "4 dudes" in the baptismal font are just incredible! The sepia-tendency cuts out the distraction of other of nature's colors, and seems to emphasize their faces and arms. I always said you were good behind a camera, but it is wonderful to see that you're still evolving and unfolding!

    With warmest regards . . . Dan C.

  2. Dan!!!

    Thanks so much - it's great hear from you! Yakima is good but it's no Pullman . . . this photo shoot was so much fun, it's great shooting when everybody is freezing and it is crazy cold and the early morning light is just breaking thru the clouds. I learned alot about posing - something I have a hard time telling people to do. I had guys of differing heights so I had to stagger them with out looking like I had staggered them. They were great sports, moving centimeters at a time for me, leaning this way and that.

    I hope you're not getting buried in snow out there!