" . . . Only God Can Make a Tree"

Cherry Bark

Last week, walking from the bus stop, across campus, on my way to cram before a test (every little bit seems to help) I passed one of the cherry trees bordering the welcome path, and it was not till I was half way down the hill looking back up the path that I saw the bark. And I did not even know it was bark at first - I mistook in for a few leaves. The tree was backlit by the rising sun, and the trunk and branches were looking like red lights had been strung amongst the boughs.
I thought that it was just a few new translucent leaves, just enough to catch the sun, not to much to block the out the light. I was surprised when it was freshly peeled bark. The bark was very difficult to photograph as the sun needed to be right behind it, which was frustrating in that it tended to wash out all other details. It took several shots but I was able to find a few worth posting. Had I realized how fleeting that opportunity had been, I would have taken more time and more shots, but as class was creeping up on me, I left with the plan of coming back the next morning. I showed up the next morning only to find that the bark was no where as translucent as it had been 24 hours ago, and I wept bitterly, tore my clothes and put ashes on my head.

So - always take more pictures than you need to - ALWAYS!!!

". . . Patines of Bright Gold" ~ sort of


  1. Just so you know. I love looking at your pictures. Facebook or blog. I'm heading out tomorrow well almost today, to take a friend's senior pictures. So much fun!

  2. Senior pictures awesome! Thanks for the encouragement - it means more than you know.