Schools out for the Summer!!!!

It feels like an eternity since I've posted - so much has happened in the interim. It's all still spinning round my head, all good things, just so much. All at once life comes into focus, and the direction that you have prayed for becomes clear. The more I trust in the Lord the more I find myself resting in the peace He provides. There is a danger present when one rests. Resting is required when I am weary, it is temporary, and it exists so that I can do something else besides rest. It is not and ends unto itself. I know that God wants me to experience His Peace, to rest in Him when I am weary. The part I struggle with is getting up out of that rest, for while I'm resting in Christ, I often feel that it is the only place where I can enjoy His Peace, much like being in a warm bed in a cold room, I don't want to leave, and while I'm under the covers I cannot imagine anywhere else I'd rather be. It's that fear of the cold floor that keeps me bed long past my rest is completed. But we can't live in bed; we rest so that we can live outside the bed. And life outside the bed is full of wonders and glories that we could never guess from the safety of the covers. Life in Christ is like this, God's Peace is to be had outside of His rest, and the life outside of His rest is unlike that we can imagine while we are resting in Him, we have to get up and leave that rest to enjoy the greater Peace He has to offer.

This last weekend I traveled over to the west side, and was able to drive thru downtown Seattle, I was meeting my ride back to Pullman and so did not get to take any real pictures, all of these were shot from the car - it was madding being in such beautiful places and not being able to hop out and take pictures. Maybe someday. . . .

Taken while stuck in traffic, if I lived in Seattle I could probably take a whole series of these. . .

Don't try to drive thru Pike Place on Mothers Day

Let me know about these Photoshoped ones I'm feeling kinda of iffy about them

Spring is making up for lost time out here, now that all of the students are gone, everything has just erupted, colour is everywhere. Giving me lots to do on my lunch hours.

I'm not a huge fan of Tulips - they leave me cold - so this is the only shot they get

I'm thinking that these are some sort of Daisy, I found waiting to be planted on my way to the bus

Not a tomb - just an old plaque

Spring is coming!!!

Some sort of flowering shrub near City Hall

Forget-me-not's near City Hall (again let me know about the photoshopping)

Weathered Tool Shed

Ok I'm really starting to run out of shoe shots

Riding to Lunch

Riding to Work

Ok I've got explain this one, last week we got a panicked phone call from a concerned citizen about a crevasse which had opened up at the corner of Main and Arbor. She said "CREVASSE" I was sent to take pictures, possibly set out cones, and come back with an approximate size of the gapping chasm. . . . only in Pullman

Riding to the West Side


  1. That's a really deep chasm there man. How many cones did that take?

  2. Hey Neil, sorry I haven't gotten to you via email, life's been equally crazy out here in the stinking desert. Stupid desert. It's hot here.

    Anyhow, I'll be getting back to you. I didn't forget.