Summer Lunch Breaks

Tell me, do you have summer lunch breaks like this?

I was going to pick some flowers, but I was unsure what to do with them

Todays lunch break - I forgot that I was going to get ice cream with friends, and instead went to the U-Pick place, standing up some very good people, and not even getting flowers in the end!

So instead I just took pictures

We had a lot of rain, and it kind of was hard on some things


  1. WHAT!? It snowed in June?! I missed that news flash! HOLY COW How much did you get and how long did it last?

  2. It was towards the end, and we got an inch or two. We lost a lot of tree limbs around, and it was gone by the end of the day!

  3. Woah, we never get snow down here in Houston.

    You take some awesome pictures, Neil. My favorite is picture number 3. :)

  4. OK, should we be expecting to get some firework pictures late tonight or tomorow? :P

  5. Neil,
    Why are you studying engineering? You are an artist at heart.(That's a good thing.)