Weekends in Pullman. . . .in the summer. . . .and the heat

Friday afternoon . . . . . the day drags on

Okay how do you beat the heat in Pullman, easy you move your bed outside! For the last month I've been sleeping outside on the porch, and I love it. Waking up with the sun, hearing the birds, the wind and rain, it's glorious! I'm thinking about trying to keep it up during the winter - we'll see it can get down to and stay at sub-zero temperatures. I'm turning into a hick I know.

Saturday: Farmers Market
You are looking at our future people!
And by "our future" I mean Idaho's future so don't loose to much sleep,
that is, unless you are from Idaho!

Adventuring Saturday Evening
After market I decided that I would camp in a wheat field, deep in the Palouse, a place where no matter where I looked I would see rolling fields, at least that was the plan.

1180 Peterson Loop Drive
In trying to find a secluded spot to star gaze, a spot deep in the lost and forgotten places, I left the asphalt, and went for gravel, I traded gravel for dirt, and won out when I found the less than dirt roads, needless to say all that traveling tends to coat ones windshield, with a grimy coating of dust.

Waiting for Rescue
So add a beautiful sunset, loud music, and a sharp turn into aforementioned sunset, and you may end up as I did, high centered in a ditch, on a road that no one knows you are on, in a place no one frequents, that is no except your friends with a Suburban and tow ropes that you still need to return, who spend a good twenty minuets trying to track you down on Google maps, and then an hour driving out to rescue you. Thank goodness for amazing cell phone reception!

Sunday: Oversleep and miss church
I was up at 5:30 on Saturday, and did not get to bed till after one on Sunday

So I made a pool and read a couple chapters of Piper
And by made a pool, I of course mean I cleaned out an old horse trough. . . hickish I know


  1. Cool pics Neil! How was the soaking? Hope this finds you in good health!
    God bless!

  2. Oh Neil, you got lost again?