Friends Unmet

There's this guy I know - he lives in a place far away - I've never met him - I've never met him and I like him.  He sends me the things 14 year olds send people - things that make me smile and rememeber being 14.  He's a smart kid and I like his style.  I'm sure he's going to have his share of things to figure out the hard way, and I'm sure that he's not perfect - but he's 14 and he's got time to figure life out.

I got a message from him this evening that just made me smile - it was about shoes, Chucks in particular - he had taken some pictures (really nice pictures too) and thought I might get a kick out of them.

Made my day.

Climbing the stairs to head to bed I saw that I had one notification on Facebook, and there was a link to the photos.  I sat there smiling for a full ten minutes.  I'm still smiling.  Sometimes it does not take much to make people feel special - sometimes its just a friend you've never met saying Hi.


  1. Just a comment, Neil, from the grandmother of this special 14 year old. He truly is very special. Thanks for your comments about him. Maybe someday you will meet. By the way, love, love, love the photo of the barn on here. Barns are something I just love!

  2. Thank you Neil, I'm flattered.

    Make sure that if you ever take a trip to Houston, send me an email so we can meet eachother! ;) Haha

  3. Sounds like one heck of a road trip Neil! ;)