Nina Simone

I've written about Nina Simone before in this blog - I want you to have a taste of just what it is about her music that I love so much.

This video does just that - it makes me want to play bass - in dimly lit rooms - it opens some deep part down inside that just resonates. The piano, drums, bass - and Nina - my favorite scene - when we switch from claymation to shots of the instruments.

I don't know what it is - I don't know why - but I feel all the notes - I want to drive in the rain at night - with this playing - along the coast - the moon is full and I can see the waves - I'm high above the coast, there are steep cliffs along this stretch of road. The song is on repeat - I'm not in a hurry - there is no rush. This song is in no rush - just enjoy it.

I don't know - maybe my vision is colored - maybe the world is a darker place than I would like to think it is. But when I listen to this song - everything seems simpler.

Chris was right - when you can't think of anything to post - post a video.


  1. It is the #1 rule of blogging. Still, I'm a tad annoyed you stole it, after all if it comes into too wide a circulation, people will see through my pitiful attempt at blogging...

  2. For my money, nothing beats a good torch singer. Even beyond the technical mastery of the craft of the song, nobody puts as much soul--as much joy, as much pain, as much longing--into a song as a siren. It's something the Incubuses and the Bowling for Soups of the world are never going to match, no matter how hard Michael Bolton tries.