My lights are off - my door is open - I can feel the moist coolness of the rain drifting in. I type by the light of my monitor as Feist sings beauty into the night.

Life is moving - and these days, these days I'm feeling more like a passenger than a captain.

Things are finishing - part of me wants to disappear into the night. To melt away into the past, half remembered with a fleeting smile. I find myself seeking solitude these days - seeking it in books and long walks and hikes. Solitude and introspection. I busy myself with work and sleep.

And at the same time there is a strong, strong desire to do just the opposite. A dream that is sobering, exciting. And behind that thought, the whispers of thoughts even grander, thoughts I've never considered, or understood. Who knows the future?

This undiscovered country, this great unknown, it puzzles my will - dares me to hope, dares me to dream of the possibility's tomorrow holds.

And hope is required. It is the cost of admission.

Despair not - worry not - for tomorrow is in better hands Neil - better than yours.

Hope, dream and act.



Work is there to be found.

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  1. Press on my friend. God has a plan and He is in control. Remember, He is our strength when we are weak.

    Praise God for His love!