Stuck in Pullman



  1. nice shot ....
    i really miss great photos of yours !

  2. What the hell bit you??

    BTW, the shot with the keys is now my desktop.

  3. The insect that bit me, being smaller than a wasp and having colored eyes, with dark bands across its wings leads me to believe that it was a Deer fly. Moreover a female Deer fly at that. Female deer flies feed on my blood - males instead collect pollen. When feeding, females are known to use their knife-like mandibles and maxillae to make a cross-shaped incision and then lap up my aforementioned blood. These flies are potential vectors of tularemia, anthrax and loa loa filariasis.

    Their bite is extremely painful, and can result in allergic reactions from the saliva of the fly which can lead to further discomfort and health concerns. Pain and itch are the most common symptoms, but more significant allergic reactions have been known to develop.

    They are often found in damp environments, such as wetlands, forests, and creek beds on Moscow Mountain. They lay clusters of shiny black eggs on the leaves of small plants by water. The aquatic larvae feed on small insects and pupate in the mud at the edge of the water.

    I don’t like them.

  4. If I see any eggs resembling the afore described, I will squorsh them.

  5. Enough about spiders...your pics are more than great, but your auntie misses your gift of the written word...from a hospital room in Seattle where I saw the most beautiful nurse...

  6. RBD's first grandsonMay 14, 2009 at 9:55 PM

    Pretty sure the Anthrax has taken over. Same deer fly bit me 15 years ago outside Pullman. Who was your tatoo artist? Do you have his/her number?

    How dare you say "stuck in Pullman"

    Keep rockin' the wheat fields

  7. Well I only say "stuck in Pullman" when all of the pleasures and joys of Pullman are weighed against spending time with my fair and radiant maiden - given the option any where that is not there is somewhere I'm "stuck". No slur on Pullman and all it's diversions - they are just lacking these day.

    My tattoo artist lives on the top of Moscow Mountain, a sort of hermit - if you hike long enough you might luck out and find him. He seems to be like Chaco's. No number though - you've got to hike till you find him.

  8. rbd's first grandsonMay 15, 2009 at 10:18 AM

    AHHHHHHH.....Understand completely. Time slows without your radiant maiden. Stay strong and full of love.