The disconected ramblings of an unhinged mind


I am older than I was. I learn so much and so little each day. I am in love. I am tired and worn out. I am happy and exhausted and weary and built up. I am confused and dim witted. I am a beast. I am a poet. I think and I feel and I ponder. I listen to music and muse on life and the future. I think much these days, these dark long days. These bright short days. I would not trade their lessons for the world. Coffee is good and sleep is better. Time is well spent is invaluable. Rest for the weary is pure joy. Remember the smells of yesterday. Distance is not the same as apart. Striving is hard work, abiding is hard work, resting can be hard too. The sun will rise again. Jello and baby food is a pain to stock - toilet paper and kinds of soup are easy. Listen, rest, pray. Work is a blessing and a privilege, not a right. Drink lots of water. Learn to connect. Learn to listen for secret hurts, pains, and agony's. Learn to let yourself be loved. Learn to laugh at your laughable state. Keep your friends close. Don't be to harsh on those who say stupid things. Check the fluids in your car. Develop "presence". Everything you have is a gift. EVERYTHING. Even now is just a season, and this too shall pass. Don't sacrifice the future for the present. Listen to Nina Simone. Read Luke. Marvel at the story that is your life. Listen to the counsel of father's and friends. What man has done man can do. Tomorrow is coming. It's ok to not be ok - but it's not ok to stay there.


  1. Wow, awesome. Let me re-read that a few times. Thank you Neil!

  2. Good things to remember... esp. to check your car's fluids =]