I striped my pants off, the large dark stains were starting to stiffen. As I stepped into the shower I could smell his blood still under my finger nails - would have to scrub those. The EMT said peroxide or color safe bleach would be best for the clothes, and not to worry about the blood - as long as I had no cuts myself.

Did not see the accident, did not see Chris hit the divider - he must have been just seconds ahead of Nicole and I.

His car was smoking. He was screaming.

Blood - lots of blood.

He was hurt. Bad.

Really bad.

Blood in his eyes, holes in his face, screaming, giving his name, his rank, his serial number.

Fading in and out, coming to with a scream.

I am close - helping people stop the bleeding - his chin has red stubble on it. He is just a kid in the national guard. 20. and . . . Stay with me CHRIS - TALK TO ME CHRIS!


He still has a pulse.

I'm holding him, he has a little booger that sticks out of his nose which quivers when he breathes. His eyelashes are full of sticky blood and he is screaming.

Help is coming, Stay with me Chris?


Hang in there Chris.

Chris they're here - they're here Chris.

Out of state plates -

I hope there is someone he knows with him when he wakes up.

I wash his blood of my knees and watch it run down the drain - wondering.

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  1. Oh wow man. Praise the Lord he had you with him. But wow. I praying for you, Nicole, and Chris.