Learning Life Lessons in Line

Swung past Ross today, trying to find a cheap pair of sandals. Checking out at Ross can be problematic at times, you try to gage which line will move. Is that little old lady going to double check the recipient or worse try to write a check? Is this guy buying or returning?? Well today I guessed correctly, I was in the trickle lane, not the stagnant dead lane. So I waited, tapping my feet and taking little half steps as necessary. And as I waited, I looked out upon the growing sea of humanity and spied a bored older gentleman, wandering near the door. Every now and then he would glance at the other lane, the stagnant still and inert lane, every now and then he'd glance, and smile and sigh. Soon he is looking at shoes, or leaning against the racks of luggage lining the wall, while scratching the back of his bald head against the suitcases behind him. Seeing no one behind me he heads my way and gets in line. He has nothing to buy.

I take a small half step, and realizing that he is attached to the older lady in stagnant line comment on his holding pattern. "Yes", he says with a smile and a wink "and to think I could have stayed in the car"

We move forward, him and I. He says something about the joys of waiting for Her, and says it just that right measure of irksome joy, and I can see it's something he gets to do rather than something he has to do.

Laughing I take another half step, saying that I hoped to someday fully understand all that he means

He turns and looks at me ~

~ looks me in the eyes

inhales slowly thru his nose, sizes me up and with a small nod - "Amen"

It's my turn to buy now and as I approach the register, I hear him call to his wife, I can hear his smile "Dearest - I am yours, if you need me"

Smart old man - getting in another line, doubling their chances
I'll have to remember that one


  1. Thank you for sharing.
    Amen and Amen

  2. oh, goodness...that is a precious story. Thank you for sharing. And yes, the picture is from Lawson Gardens - I'm glad you like it :)