Well I'm in Yakima now. All moved in. Writing this from my blackberry. My computer died on the way over. My blackberry has a few dead keys so please bear with me. "P" are the worst _ I have to miss spell something in google, get it to guess something with a "p" then copy it to the clipboard to paste at my leisure. This works till the phone is turned off. But this is a blog about Yakima not dead p's and return keys (hence the run on nature of this entry) so back to Yakima. It's good. I've been doing lots of walking, and working and sleeping. My bikes and bed are still spread across the state and I'm learning just how much free time I have - a lot. It's not to hot yet. Nor is it to cold. I must live next to people as quite and boring as me. I only hear them cough and take showers. The apartment is about 600 square ft. It's kinda a lofted loft apartment - and by that I mean that the loft has a loft. There is some exposed brick and cool left overs from the days when it used to be Yakima's powerhouse - big metal conductors sticking thru the exterior brick wall - I'll get pictures up as soon as I can figure out how. But for now you are going to have to settle for this.


  1. Let me know how I can help you bro!

  2. I have computers for the taking if you can figure out how to get them to live again.

  3. sounds like a good time....cant wait for the pics!

  4. Wow, nice pad!
    Hope you get settled in, soon, though . . .
    Don't you need a . . . somewhat ripped couch, or something? Like the pitter-patter of little feet. I think I know where I could get hold of a nice skink for you . . . Just holler.

    Bless you . . . Dan C.

  5. I've getting settled in - it will be a few more paychecks before I get the somewhat ripped couch - right now I've got an old futon mattress lieing atop an old army cot that kinda - if you squint - could maybe be a couch.