Everything but her heart . . .

Yesterday found me in Yakima "apartment choosing" as a good friend put it. The natural excitement of looking at apartments coupled with several cups of Tam's green dot coffee, and a tripleshot12ozroomforcreamamericano from Cafe Moro had me skittish. Maybe.

So naturally I went to get more coffee.

And that's when I met her. An overheard comment got the conversation started. Don't know her well - but we are friends now. The memories seemed so fresh for her. Maybe it was a birthday, or the sad anniversary. But for whatever reason as we waited to order our coffee she talked about the day back in the late 70's. The day of the accident. The day which has changed every day since then. She thought that she would be close to my age today - maybe a little older.

She showed me how the accident broke all - all of her teeth - but left her jaw intact.

It was not gross, it was not awkward, it was not an over-share.

She was proud that I was donating - she had donated everything, her eyes, her body and organs.

Everything but her daughters heart.

And I thought a few months of job searching was tough.

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