Light and Shadow

As I walked back to the office on a trail, wet with the afternoons rain, I could see my shadow. Behind me, the sun was setting, the sky ahead was dark with the rain clouds which had just passed overhead. It was a golden hour, and I longed my camera. The light was amazing, bright green trees against a dark stormy sky. I turned around, face into the setting sun and stood there soggy, exhausted, cold and warm. The sun was bright and I had to squint to see.

Shadow and light.

Even here on this trail there is a lesson for me.

Shadows . . . when do I see shadows in my life. When do I see shadows? What causes those shadows I see?

Shadows are what I see when something stands between me and the light.

And what of my own shadow? When do I see that?

Only when I look away from the light.

And the further away from the light - the larger the shadows seem, its edges blurred.

But in the light - when I am in and looking toward the light - there is no shadow there.


  1. "his going forth is as sure as the dawn..."
    Hosea 6:3 - great pictures Neil

  2. Lorna . . . I've told you before and I find that I need to say it again.

    You're awesome.

    I love you.

    Good verse - hit the spot this morning