Mumford and Sons

...and sometimes when you can’t describe a feeling with your own words, it’s almost easier to express in a song. And then, when you get asked about the songs, it’s quite difficult to explain. It’s a conundrum — you don’t want to seem self-indulgent explaining yourself; it’s always awkward. Which is weird again, because it’s never awkward actually singing them. I suppose the song should stand on its own and people draw their own interpretation from the words. But for me, personally, it’s the lyrics that I listen to again and again in a song. I place specific importance on them. I can’t write lyrics unless I really feel them and mean them, which can sometimes be quite frustrating — because if you’re not feeling much at the time, you’re stuck...
~Marcus Mumford

I was recently told to try Mumford and Sons.

I greatly enjoy them. Their lyrics, their music. Even their music videos, the shots and the angles. I find myself wanting to walk thru tall grass, under a dark sky, barefoot in a linen shirt.

I want to live in bookshops and drink in pubs.

I want to walk in the rain and smile at the dawn.

I want to write my heart in a song and play it for the world.

I want my pain and and my joy to be understood.

I want to understand.

I want to help.

I want to share the comfort I've received.

Music lifts me - takes me to places that noting else does. I would like to know why.

Maybe it's time to move from photography to music . . .

. . . any ideas on entry level instruments


  1. Neil, I think we need to move to London. I'm pretty sure they do all those things there.
    Also, we would obviously be best friends with these guys. Obviously.
    Plan? Plan.

    (ps- i'm glad you like them so much. it makes my heart happy.)

  2. Also, I don't think you should quit photography. I enjoy stalking your pics on facebook too much...

  3. Move to London? YES!!
    And yes - we would obviously be best friends with these guys.

    As to photography, maybe not so much of a move away as an expansion of creative efforts . . . as to stalking, I checked out your blog - it's good - you should write some more

    (ps - I got my sisters hooked on them as well)