No, I did not unfriend you - I deactivated my facebook account.


  1. Any particular reason (that you're willing to share ;])?

  2. I can only compare it to TV. I love TV. Shows like NCIS, and Stargate and Star Trek - I love them. I can sit down for hours and really enjoy myself.

    And then I moved away and went to college, and eventually ended up not watching as much TV. Now I hardly watch any - a probably watch as much in three months as I used to in a week.

    I'm reading books, having friends over for dinner, going for walks, taking pictures, blogging, all things I enjoy. I would not say that I enjoy them more than TV (I really like TV). Only I've found that with TV I only really miss it when I'm watch it often.

    Last week when I was sitting in a coffee shop, before shooting a wedding, I decided that maybe I would not miss Facebook if I did not check it.

    Thinking that somehow maybe Facebook, like TV, has an attraction that can be as short lived as it is strong. Whereas these other activities have a pleasure which lasts well beyond the experience itself. Books and walks and dinners and pictures seem to stay with me longer and satisfy me deeper (dinners especially as of late have been staying with me longer than I'd like).

    So that's why, I was spending time with an activity that I found I did not enjoy in the same quality as other activity's, and as this activity was cutting into others more than I felt it should . . . . .


  3. Don't be a stranger man. You're too good of a friend.

  4. insightful and thought provoking. Hmm... gives me pause to think about the many many hours I waste each week looking up what friends are doing. Maybe I need a few guidelines as well. Thanks for the insight Neil.