Peter and Liz


Weddings . . . They are starting to feel like reunions.


Seeing old faces, walking with and listening to old friends.  Hearing their heart’s.  Having them ask the tough questions only close friends ask.  Remembering so much about old weddings, wondering about future ones.



Watching Peter as Liz walked down the isle.  Nate told me I was looking the wrong way – I don’t think so.  You want to see how beautiful the bride is?  Look at the groom, he’ll tell you.  At this moment, when he’s got eyes for no one else, when all the other faces blur out, and all he sees is her.  When the woman he loves looking more beautiful than he has ever seen her look before. Remember, he’s made a study of this woman – you won’t notice all the details that he will. He knows her, he knows her smile, her walk, he’s looked deeper into those eyes than anyone else, he knows her moods, her joys, he knows her – more than that he loves her.  And today’s their big day.  Their start.  So I looked at Peter – and saw a man looking at the woman he loves – the one he’ll grow old with, the one he’ll fight with and struggle with and smile and cry with.




Do you ever look at their hands?

I mean during the ceremony – here they are – up in front of everybody – they have to stand their holding each other’s hands for quite a while. Just stand and look at each others.  Watch his thumbs – any wedding – does not matter – watch the groom’s hands, watch the bride’s hands.




Just watch them – I’ve never felt I’ve captured the hands during the ceremony just right.  It’s the only expression they allow themselves during the majority of the ceremony – and such a subtle one that I am not sure they are even aware of it.  But it speaks volumes.  You want to see tenderness, excitement, love, nervousness, and a whole host of emotions?


Look at the hands.


Life is full of these small clues – look around, hear all that is unsaid, see all that is unspoken.  These seem to be truer, and deeper stories.

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