By the pint


Cold and oh so hungry I came in from my nights ride, a chilly 26 degrees outside.

Felt even colder cause I forgot my gloves.  The ride was hard enough and long enough that I was sweating under my jacket however.

I peeled out of my layers and sat down to a large bowl of cereal.


A large bowl, of sweet , crunchy and delicious flakes.


About 2/3’s of the way thru my jaw starts to ache.



About 3/4’s of the way thru I think I must have ridden hard than I thought – I smell like a gym.





About 7/8’s of the way thru I realize that the disagreeable odor is not emanating from me  - but rather FROM MY CEREAL!!!!!




I check the pull date – 12/11 – a month!


A whole bowl eaten and …. a month! Really Neil??








I need to start buying milk by the pint . . .


  1. ROFL I was going to say that!

    At least you're in good humor about it Neil!