Yakima Sunset

Spring in Yakima

Winter Coast

Palouse WindmillClark Fork Adventure

Once I showed up to shoot a sunrise and the sun was late to show up . . .PalouseWSU GreeneryFrosty Morning in Lawson GardensSparker Shot 946Rouge BreweryKhamDr. OlsenPlaid ChucksLittle and Lovely LornaSon of RockstarBlack EyesRight now - Tell them Right now!As I found it . . .Foggy ForestEmpty NestersChucks in their elementSoakingThe flu strikes againCafe MoroCraneLaundry FridayRust and WoodLittle round guysStarry NightToday is brought to you by the number 2Up to my kneesSeattle Roof LightsChucks at MorroChucks, muddy chucksChucks at REIWheels within wheelsTridentSmall small worldBen and KatieWildfire CanyonBucer's BooksClose . . . almost too closeNose hairs no moreRidgeline ChucksMushroomsSpring FlowersRosieBallard BoatsLast shot of 2009Leaf and SteelLittle Chucks

Orange and Brown

AnticipationWallingford BusGreen NightfallKeys and RingScruffNatural TrailWild FlowerAdventurePalouse in the WinterArtsy GreenPre Dawn HoursFourth Time Cross the Pass that DayBlusterySome people call me . . . . TimThe gal'sJoeKarl

Hobbit NeilDeep StairNature Trail 2Hair Cut

Red Door's Back DoorTim and HilPike PlacePalouse SunriseColumbia WindGullsFall at WSUShawn and AmyLornaKatieDanYep . . .ScribblesFive SwallowsLong Day











Any favorites?


  1. Pike place, hobbit Neil, wildfire canyon, and kham.

  2. Sweet! I'm glad you caught the mouseovers - I've been playing with them lately and am never sure if anyone sees them . . .

  3. Most awesome Neil. You do a spectacular job!

  4. You take the best pictures I've ever seen. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. I've never been to Washington State, but it definitely on our travel plans. From San Francisco and all the way up to Canada. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing your great talent.
    Barbara in Houston

  5. Barbara! Thanks so much - you'll have a blast when you hit Washington, the whole northwest really - it's all amazing, Northern Oregon and Southern BC too.

  6. I came across these by accident and I am hooked. Great writing, great photos!

  7. Theresa, thanks for the complement, it's my way of processing life, and I'm glad you enjoy it.

    Alan thanks for stopping by, as I live in Yakima, and you appear to be some sort of stand-up comedian in the UK, I'll never be buying tickets to any of your shows.

  8. Favorites:

    Foamy Ocean Surf, B&W Shades, Pocket Watch, Rings and Roses, B&W Tree w/ High Clouds, Chair and Bookshelf (warm colors), Snake, and what I will call Metal Swirl.

    Love your work.


  9. Jonathan!

    I was indeed bummed to miss you guys this Christmas - Thanks for the feedback, soon I'm going to posting my attempts at film photography.

    Hope all is going well in the cheese business!

  10. I'm not sure about a favorite... I'm a sucker for flowers any day but I love how you managed to make "The flu strikes again" into something that looks clean.

  11. Wow, loved most all of them! Your Wildfire Canyon looks like an Ansel Adam's shot. Congrats!