Sunset in the sheep pen
















The last few weeks have been . . . busy - 60+ hours a week busy. 

New job.

New place.

New people.

New duties.

New roles.

New expectations.

New noises at night.

New shower.

New diet.

New views.

New music.

New understanding.

New hard things.

New challenges.

New tape measure.


And in all of this newness I find myself searching for the familiar.


Nights were I come home and collapse.  Only a few more weeks I tell myself.  This too shall pass.



Change happens. 

It just happens.  Unheralded.  No drumroll – no anticipation – it stuns you how quietly, how quickly and how completely it happens.



And you find yourself wondering if in all this change – if you’ll change.  If you’ll change quietly, quickly, and completely.






It’s a different journey I find myself packing for.  One I never expected.  One I honestly never desired.  The road is just as long, I don’t expect it to be any harder – just different hard.  One which I think will grow me in ways the path I planned never would have.

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