It’s like a piano – a giant 20,000 pound piano


I’ve mentioned I started a new job – but I’ve done little more than that here.

Let me tell you about it.



I’m an engineer.

I work on 40ft long laminating vacuum presses, and glue applicator machines.

I roll I-beams around and generally get in the way of the guys actually doing work.

I design parts, I call vendors and place orders, and check and double check and triple check measurements.

40ft beams with 1/32” tolerances – it’s like a piano – a giant 20,000 pound piano.


I’ve got to know how it goes together so I can help the guys on the floor get it right.

I make Gantt charts and timelines.


I try to stick to them.




I’ve got to make sure stuff comes in so my guys have stuff to do.

I’ve got to make sure I’ve communicated what we need done, in a way that A) is correct, B) understandable and C) doable.





I’ve been at it for almost 6 weeks - it’s so much work and so much fun.



And there are more perks – these presses, they are shipped all over the world.  And the engineer often travels with the press to help with the install, setup and training.



I was asked if I had a passport when I was hired.











So that work these days – somedays long, somedays challenging, every day something new.


  1. So, are you still in Yakima then?

  2. Yep-yep still in Yakima. Or rather in Yakima county now . . .

  3. Wow! I've seen some smaller presses here in Iraq. They are really neat machines.

  4. WOW! So exciting man! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself Neil! Sounds like the skies the limit for you man!