I want to write something meaningful.  I want to write something worth reading.


I want to write something real.  I want to share what I’m learning, only what am I learning?




And so I type something – and before I get to far I begin to see what I really want is you to think well of me, I want to sound deep, and well read. But without sounding like I’m trying to impress. 

Like a journal you leave about - hoping that someone will read it.


At times I am the man who reads a just so he can book so he can quote it later, vs the man who reads a book and is moved by the content therein.

A sentence, a phrase moves him.  He reads, and rereads.  He thinks.  He examines his life and his choices.



I remember being that man.  The man who read and was moved. 



That man is so busy.






And that saddens him.  Beauty not observed is beauty unknown. 


To see a sunrise, eat a breakfast, listen to a song, do my chores, to smell the hay – and to miss the beauty in them. 


But then I come home – I come home and kick my sodden shoes into a corner.  I pour a bowl of corn chex and and listen.


I listen to Jaymay, Palomar, Wayne Grudem, Sea Wolf, Working Poor, and Kris Gruen. 


And I fold my laundry, and I write – and I erase, and I think.  And I hear that music – not the music that is playing, but the echoes of a greater and grander song, the echoes mixing with a growing, groaning chorus. 


And all is good.  All is hard.  All is grace.


  1. This reminded me of a feeling I get sometimes. It used to be a desire to write something great and good and (like you said) real. But I've refined that feeling over time and I see it now more as a desire to "create" something with good meaning. Still haven't accomplished that, but waiting is a good exercise.