So . . . it's been a while.

It's been to long.

Much to long.

I could try to fill you in.  I could try to tell all of the stories, but where to start?

It's been a long year.  It's been a long project.

Built a custom 150 ton press.  Designed it from the ground up.  Managed a fair portion of the production.  Oversaw the programming.  Tested, and retested.  Back to the drawing board again and again.

Stumped vendors - stumped engineers on two coasts and in Japan. 

Learned hydraulics.  Learned pneumatics.

Learned how to read ladder logic, and program PLC's.

Learned how to make lists.

Learned chains.

Learned how to design welding patterns.

Learned how little sleep I need.

And all of that is surface stuff.  All of that is non-story.

Holly . . . . .

. . . . now there is a story for you.

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