Seattle to Portland 2010

Books I've read tell me to tell you. Choose a race - tell your friends, tell family and coworkers.

Consider this your telling. I am telling you that on the evening of July 17th I will arrive at Holladay Park. Tired. Exhausted. You'll be smiling. I'll be sore, chaffed, and smelly. You'll want to talk. I'll want to sleep. My back will ache. My hands, arms and shoulders will be stiff. I'll hobble from the grass where I have collapsed to the car. From the car to a house where I'll shower off the grime of miles.

Then I'll sleep soundly for hours, and rise to a hearty breakfast and Sunday well spent in the company of friends.

Consider yourselves told. If you're planning a fun weekend in mid July just know I'm busy on the 17th - I'll be busy riding the 200+ miles from Seattle to Portland.

Training starts as soon as I get settled in Yakima.

This blog will keep it's reflection's on life mixed with photography air - but it will also become a training journal of sorts as well. I'll make sure it's not a boring over-share of a fat man with a mad dream but rather tales of lessons learned and humorous story's. Things I learn while pushing myself farther then I thought I could and the humor that is found when you fall down and get back up again.

Every Sunday night I'll post that weeks distances and times. I'll post that morning's weight, and the next week's mileage, but hopefully in a way that is entertaining to the reader. By keeping you interested in my progress I'll have something to carry me thru those weeks I want to give up and quit.

That's is where the next 23 weeks are headed - 23 weeks - 23 posts. 23 weigh-ins. 23 weeks of flat tires, rain, sun, hills, and powerbars.

Only 23 weeks away.

See you in Portland.


  1. I will see you there!! I did it last year in 1 day. It was crazy. I still haven't decided if I will do it in 1 or 2. I just sold my bike and am getting two new ones this week. I'm sure I will be taking plenty of pictures to put up on my blog so look out!

  2. Wow awesome Neil! I'll be praying for you! Let me know how I can help you. I do have a place for you to crash if need be.

    I take it this is also your announcement that you got the job in Yakima?