. . . . .

Memories fade and almost wink out.
Forgotten and still - the distant past.

Seem's not so distant now.
Sudden and abrupt.
Sharp - like a unexpected surge of icy water in the shower.

Already - and not yet.

Here and gone.

What does tomorrow hold, and who will be there with us?

Who will remain here - in what is now only a memory?

Who's travels have ended?

I will sing and smile when it is time, I will cry and grieve in season.

Who's laughter will I never hear again?
Who's hand will I never shake?

What have I lost? What have I held on to?

I am changed.

Grief is such an odd thing - a strange mix of love, pain, and selfishness - no not selfishness . . . but maybe, perhaps rather an acute awareness of your own selfhood.

There is one less.

I will tell of you.

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  1. Loss is hard bro. Praying for you and his family! God is good! But it's so hard to lose.
    Blessings my friend!