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Twice in as many weeks the same something has been said.

Several nights ago I sat across from three men.

Again the same something was mentioned by a different someone now.

Spoken. In passing. Quietly. And I think he, I think they, may be onto something.

It was a tangent, had nothing to do with why we were gathered .

A quiet, off topic,sentence.

I need to think about it, cause I think they may be right. I really do.

The meanings are tremendous, it changes how I will live - right now - what I will strive after today.

Mentioned. Quietly.

~ ~ ~

This morning I caught myself asking to be taught something I already knew how to do.

Do you ever do this? Do you ever ask someone to show you how do something so that you won't have to do it? Do you ever ask someone to teach you something that you are unwilling to learn?

I find myself doing this to God.

I'll ask to be taught how to do things that I don't do, pretending that I would do them if I only knew how.

I ask to be taught things that I'm unwilling to learn.

As if knowledge was a good as action. The things I know . . . why are they not the things I do?

So often what I mean when I say "teach me" - is "Why is this hard? This should not be hard - make this not hard - show me some way to make it easy"

And so I pray for patience,

"Father - please teach me, show me how to be more patient."


" . . . . . . . . . . . . Ha . . . very funny . . ."

Striving is hard.

Growth is hard.

Learning is easy - changing is hard.

The reward for a good thing is often a harder better thing.

We want to be done, we want to stop - to rest.

Forgetting that we rest so that we can work. Not the other way round.

~ ~ ~

And it works!

But still . . . I do wonder if welding rod is foodsafe - Jonny? Reba? Lorna? You've my food science people? Any ideas??

~ ~ ~

Jake & Debbie

I told Jake and Debbie that I was rusty and needed a chance to go and do photo stuff - they very nicely obliged. I gave Jake a pair of chucks that were too small for me - little do they know that next time I will use them and their chucks to recreate one of my favorite shots.


I'm working on a book

and this is post 201

I went thru and found some old
posts that were written but never posted
you'll have to explore if you want to find them


  1. I like that last post, Neil. It's amazing how patient God is with us as we keep needing to learn the same lessons over again.

    - Benjamin Nieuwsma

  2. Deep man. Thank you for such insightful writing!
    And I'm very excited about this upcoming book.
    I'd like to buy one and have your autograph please.
    God bless you my friend.

  3. I always appreciate both your honesty and your ability to capture what I'm always thinking or feeling with words that elude me.

  4. Neil, it depends on the welding rod, but by guess would be no on the "food-safe" question (from what I remember of welding rod from my Auto Parts days). I will think on it some more and get back to you.