It's late . . .

It's late . . . the office is stuffy and I need to take a break . . . I've a few more hours work ahead of me still.

I've a lifetime of work ahead of me. It's quiet by this lake. Looking out the windows all I can see it my reflection on the glass - blurry and indistinct. Filed some paper work earlier this week - I can now take a test in October. I'm planing on an adventure of sorts if I pass. Either India or Ireland. Just my camera, a duffel and a journal. Flying solo. Traveling solo. Traveling light.

Filing some paperwork Monday - to get my passport.

Why do you do what you do?

Would you do it again?

Do you plan what you want to do, or record what you've done?

It's not tomorrow, or the day after - or the 50 years after that which find me thinking, if thinking is what that is, rather more a silent still deep awareness - that I have each moment only once. I make each choice only once.

This miry Slough is such a place as cannot be mended; it must be abandoned - it must be traveled thru.

And for what a treasure, bright days and happy smiles. Persevere - every pain, every heart ache draws you closer to the end. Remember the sun. Remember the Son. Journeys end so that others may begin. It's not what might have been - it's what is, and what may yet be. Want to hear the end of the story? Keep reading, keep striving, keep keeping. Preserve - help the hurting, share the comfort you've received - and find yourself marveling at the magnitude of what you've been given.

I waxed my car last week - it lost it's dingy look. Only - that's not the whole story. No, now I see every ding in the paint, I can see every ripple in the metal. Defects hidden by fading, and flaking paint now stand out in stark relief. You have to get close to see them - and they are clearly there.

People are like that car. I am like that car. I feel like I've been cleaned up - only to see the sin in my life stand out all the more. But you've got to clean the wound before it will heal.

Cleaning cuts always hurts more than not - pulling raw flesh apart - flushing and digging out dirt and debris. Then you seal it - stitches - change the bandage, but don't pick at it. Time and diligence will heal this - scarring may be minimal.

Living things heal.

And today I feel very alive.

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  1. Praise the Lord for the change and healing He brings into our life.

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure you've set before you sir. I am eager to read all about it and see the pics you choose to share.