“Many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese - toasted, mostly.”


Ben Gunn had the right idea.

Take above cheese – three thicker slices of tomato, and two pieces of Dave’s Good Seed bread.

Place into a cold toaster oven – it must be cold, if you preheat the oven, the cheese will melt faster than the bread can toast. Toast till you can just smell it across the room – the cheese will be bubbly and the toast will have that perfect crunch.

Don’t let it cool too much – you’ve got a juicy slice of tomato in there which will make the bread soggy.

Enjoy while planning trips abroad, or studying for the EIT, or thinking out your week. Enjoy while listening to Mumford and Son’s, or Laura Marling, or Camera Obscura. It’s great thinking provender, it helps you sort photos, or write blogs. It will help you choose Half Marathons like this one.

I am able to get four toasts out of a tomato. And three tomato's seem to last me about a week.


  1. That is quite the hilly half-marathon. a worthy goal, sir.

  2. Cool man! Sounds like a great recipe!

  3. My only goal is to finish - not to finish under a certain time - just to finish.

    Which means lots of hill training . . . in Yakima's summer heat . . .

  4. Yes, quite worthy :D We'll have to go on a run if you visit any time soon!