An Unexpected Trio – Down the Road


Tonight finds me in the basement of a coffeehouse in downtown Yakima.  Little did I know that tonight was the first night of Yakima’s Folklife Festival.  Bluegrass in a coffeehouse in Yakima.  Old love songs, sung by a husband and wife.  Two guitars and a mandolin gathered round a large mike, each shuffling closer as their solos approach.  What a thing – to sing duets with your wife of 30+years – to sing them and sound – amazing.

Gathering flowers for the masters bouquet – beautiful flowers that will never decay . . . I’ve never watched a bluegrass band before, listened to many – but never sat down and watched and watched, sat down and listened.

Skill is such a beautiful encouraging thing.  I don’t know if the skilled people I’ve met are aware of this.  I watch you bake, I observe you lead, I listen to you parent.  So often it’s the little things that you don’t find impressive.  The way you handle the tools of your trade.  Practiced hands – fingers which act of their own volition. 




“Bury me in bluegrass when I die”

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  1. It is quite fun to sit and observe. Amazing the things you learn when you're the fly on the wall.