I should not try to blog when I'm this spent

I spoke to a women today, a women flowing over with wisdom and insight, she speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue. I've only know her a few months, eaten dinner with her and her husband a few times, and yet, yet I feel like I've known them for decades. Not due to many long discussions, talks deep into the night, this is not a feeling arising from mere familiarity, its not the way I get to know the guy in the next office, or the mailman. It has come about from only a few short conversations, I leave feel understood and cared for. I don't feel like I'm receiving any unusual attentions from them, rather that everyone that they meet receives the same. I don't know how to thank them other than by striving to do the same, to share the comfort I have received.

I find that is what comfort tends to do, it drives its recipients forward, spurs them on to be the comfort they received to others who are hurting. If you have ever tutored a group of kids in math you will understand what I mean, the kids will be stumped, and then one will suddenly understand the new concept, the light turns on - everything clicks, and within seconds they are off teaching it to their friends. As I walk this road, I find that I often don't fully know or fully understand something till I can teach it, till I can share it. It is not till I share the knowledge inside my head that I finally start to fully understand it. I think comfort is like this on some level as well, till we share that knowledge in our heads and our hearts, we have not fully understood the comfort we have received. We have not sounded its depths, seen its breadth, nor could we, for when we received it, we were lacking in perspective.

I realize that this is a rambling blog entry that is disjointed at best, forgive me it's been a long couple of weeks. I'm exhausted and going to bed, but before I do I'll toss up a few pictures from my Sunday camp out, (please remember just how weird fire is to photograph) oh yeah it snowed here on Tuesday - odd I know.

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