In the greenest of our valleys. . .

In the greenest of our valleys,
By good angels tenanted,
Once fair and stately palace --
Radiant palace --reared its head. . . .


Some of you have voiced doubts at just how green the Palouse can be, in the hopes of showing you just how green it truly is I will post unedited photos next to edited ones. I'll post the originals now, and the edited ones later this evening after work.


  1. How true how true! You truly are hearing your calling my friend! If i had a million dollars i would buy many of your photos. Or I would pay you to teach me how to use my own damn camera....no I think you have an eye for something there! Beautiful


  2. Neil, I ant to live in Pullman. it looks just gorgeous. Great job.

  3. So I can't spell, I meant want to live in pullman, not ant it.