Yesterday's Hike and Other "Lost" Photos

Yesterday, some friends and I went for a hike on "Really Hard to Spell Native Word" Butte, most of the flowers were very tired looking, but there were some orchids that were in full bloom, the trail was littered with them, but I was having a surprisingly hard time photographing them. Lots of little blue butterfly's were haunting the place, flitting from flower to flower and sipping, lots of flitting and sipping, not very much in the way of basking, and resting, just enough for me to try and get a shot, to stoop, and frame the shot, adjust the focus and "FLIT" off they would go!

I wanted to post these, but felt that a two pic post, was just to short, so I'm went back thru the archives and am posting some old pics that I had been saving for a rainy day.

f/2.8 1/180 ISO-80 5.28.08

f/7.4 1/60 ISO-80 4.18.08

f/7.4 1/125 ISO-80 4.18.08

f/4.1 1/45 ISO-80 3.9.08

Glass Walls
I tried to get into a Photography class, found that they were all full, talked to the Dean, who upon hearing that I had a drafting degree wiped all the prerequisites away, (they guess if you have a drafting degree then you can probably draw, although how that affects the ability to take pictures, I don't understand). Armed with this good news naively I went looking for someone to let me do an independent study - Ha! They were all very nice, and polite, and did not let me in.
Into each life some rain must fall, and I can understand their point of view, some engineering senior wanting to take an easy A they are thinking I'm sure. So this is my artsy shot of one of the first glass walls that I've run into. There are very few examples in my privileged life of being excluded, so even if it is on a very (and I do mean very) minor level I've decided to celebrate it. . . .

. . . .albeit begrudgingly

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