My mad attempt at a 10 min blog entry

~Reposted at Caleb's request~

Ok - it's 7:39 - got to leave by 7:49

Nothing is more convicting than seeing your sin reflected in the life of someone you care about - when the speck in their eye causes you to become aware of the splintered 2x4 in your own. It makes you stop - it makes you slow down - and suddenly your spirit changes.

Where am I stopping my ears and not listening to God?

I can talk - I can reason - I can listen - I can't change a friends heart.

And I'm not sure that I'm even supposed to - I know that I cannot do nothing - that would be easiest, easiest for now, less painful now, more fun now - but to say nothing, to do nothing - would to be nothing. Less than a friend, less than a brother, I can't ignore the people I care about as much as I would like to avoid hard conversations that I can't see going anywhere.

Father - I'm seeing that I need You more every day.
I need Your grace, Your wisdom, Your heart for those around me.
I'm working Father - point me in the right direction - guide my steps, my words, my thoughts and my actions.

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