Running to catch the Bus and other methods of self-diagnosis

I've given advice on when and when not to eat questionable poultry in this blog - today I share what can be gleaned from a simple 100 yard dash.

Lets say you are at work and you are feeling ill - queasy - unsound. First ask yourself "Is this unusual?" If you find the answer to your query is in the positive than proceed with the course of action prescribed below - if it is the negative than Stop really - you have bigger problems to work out.

You are probably are wondering if you caught some virulent strain of west side crud or if the spinach dip you had last night on the drive over is the source of your abdominal discomfiture.

And while running won't answer this question - it will answer another one - one you may not have even been asking. . .

But not right away.

No the running to catch the bus feels great - you're faster than you remembered - you've lost weight - this is easier than you remember - why don't you do more of this?

You've reached the bus and just saved yourself a mile walk up hill, sitting down you realize that that the contents of you stomach are no longer content to sit idly by - you've stirred them up, moreover whatever is happening is happening quicker than you would like - thankfully there are only two stops left. Pulling the cord you stand - waiting - waiting - waiting for the doors to open - you exit the bus very controlled. . . nothing sudden, or abrupt - you've heading for the door - so close - you can see the stairs - steady now - steady -

Dizziness - we're tossing in dizziness now too?!?!?! Stay on target - STAY ON TARGET!

Abort! ABORT!! ABORT!!!

Scrub the mission - he's crashed in the shrubs.

Don't run to catch the bus if you are feeling ill - queasy - unsound.

(Trust me on this one . . .)

I'll heading to bed - probably for the remainder of the day - lots of liquids for now - later I might post some pictures from this weekend - but no promises - I'll be sleeping like as not.


Woke up at 9:30 this evening feeling better - not tons - better but better.

We'll see how what the morrow brings - I have a meeting at 6:30 - hopefully I'll be up for that. . .

Spent sometime in Seattle, Bremerton, Auburn and Seabeck this weekend - Had a blast! Pullman was almost flooding when I left, upon my return I found that it had not.


  1. bleh!
    I hope you feel better and if it continues - unless this is usual for you ... check to make sure you don't have Hep A and that it's not serious. :(
    God bless and happy snooze!

  2. WOW dude, Sorry to hear! Not fun not fun at all! Get feeling better bro!
    God bless you and get feeling better!

  3. Sylvan Creature said,
    "Screwing my courage to the sticking place..."

    Well...I guess it's better then "know
    How tender ’tis to love the babe that milks...[I] dash'd the brains out".

    I told you I'd leave a random comment.

    Promise. Kept.

  4. Who are the two lovely ladies.....you know I would ask...love to you from Alaska

  5. Hey Neil,
    I'm sorry to hear you were feeling so rotten, I hope you are all better now! I enjoyed looking through your pictures. It reminded me of my brother in law and his brother- they love to take pictures of nature. I on the other hand love to photograph people. =]

    As to the comment you left on my blog, I would feel honored if you put in a link. Your kinds words about my father were very sweet. I also appreciate you asking me- I doubt few would do that.

    Hope you have a great weekend,

    p.s. I am so glad you were not the middle school boy I nanny! You both have the same name and I was very nervous for a few seconds!