Road Trip!!!

Where: Oregon Coast
Why: Visit three of the Northwest's Brewery's
Who: Deschutes, Rouge, and Full Sail

Rouge - Black and White
In the hallway at the Rouge Brewery in Newport Oregon - fun place, very low key, and very good beer. The most interesting tour we had, they were short staffed that day so a brewer took us around rather than the usual bartender. So we got an off the cuff, impromptu presentation from one of the four guys that actually brew the stuff. Very cool.

A very steep ravine - signs were posted warning dog owners about dogs jumping to their deaths here. The yellow warning sign was only slightly disturbing.

Multnomah Falls
If you look closely at the image you'll be able to see an odd effect - its not photoshopped - its the spray from the falls, landing on my lens and making things difficult

Oregon Coast at Night
Karl was the first to try spinning the Bull Kelp, then I gave it a spin - way harder than I thought it would have been to get 35+ feet of seaweed to spin overhead

So cold - so very cold - if you look close you can see my Chaco tan from a few years back

I imagine that this is what it looks like on the way to Superman's fortress of solitude - dark - cold - the waters below a blur.

It was very cold
This was actually more complicated than we thought it would be. I set the camera on continuous mode and managed to take 100+ shots - I'm sparing you and only posting two.

Sandy Beaches - Cold Sandy Beaches
Somewhere there exist a picture of me taking this shot - on bended knees - back end in the air, oblivious to the world around me.

Twilight + 8 Seconds
Another shot from the beach, or rather just in off the beach - it's amazing what time delay can do.

Attempted Heel Clicks

Waiting for the Photographer to be Done!
It can be tough traveling with a guy that stops and looks at tree trunks.

Tree in Bend, Oregon

Bored in car shot #584
After spending way to long in the car, we started to try all sorts of shots, played with time delays, and played with painting with light. I had a small pocket torch, and we were able to past the time trying to get shots just right.

Bored in car shot #522
Keeping the camera steady took a tripod plus the cooperation of the driver

Bored in car shot #504
I love this shot - its a long shot, with very little shake, and what you see is the light of a semi on my face as well as it's brake and container lights as it passes by.


  1. Beautiful Pics...enjoyed them....from -6 degrees in Glacier Bay Alaska...

  2. Auntie Lin!!! So good to hear from you!!! Glad you found the blog - even more so that you enjoy it!!!

  3. I've read all your blogs and I am getting addicted to your wonderful expression of the written word and the power of your photography...you are so talented ...I check your blog daily...much love to you

  4. What lovely shots. I LOVE the pic at the top of your blog. :) Thanks for the beauty! I LOVE Oregon - all of it!

  5. waiting for the time to hunt the pictures with you mate .....