Feeling home

I'm starting to realize that I need a laptop - a laptop with Photoshop CS3 on it. I have neither. And by need I of course mean want.

I've got tons of pictures I want to process, a few I want to post, and stories! Stories that I'm dying to share. The stories are just like the pictures - they need to be processed before they are posted. The don't need a laptop however - just time - time to be processed, time to unpacked and examined, time to become my stories. I was able to see people, to see family that I have not seen in so long - I was able to visit with my Uncle, to talk my cousins husband, to see another cousin happy in her home. To see what a good man she is married too, to be proud of him, a quite guy or at least maybe it was me that was being quite.

It was fun.

We talked blogs and photos and websites and pictures. We talked about energy and wine and jobs and the future. We talked about food and flan and flights - skiing and mountain passes. Not the sort of things that are remembered years later - I never remember what was talked about at a family events - unless it was exceptionally funny or more likely - awkward. It's the being there, that I'll remember - I'll remember talking and laughing and - and even more than that I'll remember how I feel tonight.

The feelings are what I'll remember years from now.

Feeling home - feeling home like a favorite sweatshirt that has been folded up and put away in the closet for a season, only to be found again on a rainy day.

Feeling home.

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  1. Awesome, simply awesome.
    It is so good to feel home.
    Merry Christmas my friend.