I've got short legs - look at the cuff

Why this shot and not the others?

I'm not sure. . .

I like this accident shot. I like the others too. I love the others. But this is the one I'm posting. It's late and I'm trying to - trying to process the last few days. Thinking thru my fingers, too cold to drive - to tired to talk. So that leaves thinking . . . thinking and typing. But I don't like to actually process thoughts here. It's to messy, like cleaning a buffalo, I'd much rather present you with the train of though, dressed and cleaned, the choice cuts displayed up front. But tonight I'm thinking thru my fingers, processing on the screen.

Met a lot of new people last night - lots of names - lots of connections.

Do you ever meet people that awaken parts of yourself - parts that have been lying asleep, dormant for years. Interest's that you've forgotten you had - you see how much they love something and you remember having that same love and wonder where it ever went. The more you talk, the more you listen, the more you remember. And you begin to realize that it never went away, it changed, was redirected, found new outlets - but it never left. You just needed to be reminded, to be awoken.

There are days where I am ready
There are days where I am eager
There are days where I am determined

I love the whirlwind.


  1. Sounds like a campfire.... so full of memories.

  2. Photographing a campfire is fun. But tricksy, definitely tricksy....

  3. Takes lots of practice, lots of patience, and willingness to keep on trying - that having been said sometimes you get the shot in the first couple attempts