Frost and Light

I took up photography a year ago for all the wrong reasons - to show up an old roommate and to try to impress a woman.

Laugh - it's funny and shallow I know - but it's true.

If it were not for Dave and Nicole I would not have stumbled across photography.

I would not have started blogging if I did not want to post my pictures - I would not have found this avenue for processing so much of life.

Understand how it works - I take pictures - then I upload them and sit in front of the computer. I try to write something. I'll write pages and pages - reading them out loud over and over. Listing to it, mulling it over - it gets deleted - scrapped - tossed out. Nothing, I'm scraping the barrel, trying to think of something to write. Then after an hour of this, something happens, some thought presents itself and in the space of 10 minutes the whole thing is given to me - it writes itself. But in that - in that hour that you don't ever see, I process and think and learn. It's funny because while I'm out taking pictures - I'm processing. When I'm driving I'm processing. When I'm walking I'm processing. When I'm blogging I'm processing.

Is so much going on in life that every waking moment is spent thinking and talking and listening?

Lately it seems that way.

And I enjoy it. Early morning adventures with my camera. Mornings spent in the word, long conversations while walking to work. And this morning was very fun - I woke at 5 - and felt the frost. I rolled out of a warm bed - into the cold arms of winter. Spent the morning reading the first 21 chapters of 1st Samuel, then not wanting to miss the frost I went to Lawson Gardens and got really cold lying on the ground trying to get just the right angle. The sun was working against me melting the very frost I was trying to capture. But thankfully there was little to no wind.

Do something random and unplanned this weekend.

Hum while you shop.

Dance to a Buble album.

Sing some Billie Holiday.

Practice looking coy.

Tease your siblings.

Snap loudly.

Start a new book.

Brew your coffee extra strong.


  1. ahhhh, Those are some amazing shots!! I sooo wanted to go take pictures this morning... but I'm forcing myself to work, bah! blasted project.

  2. You take some of the best pics I have ever seen! By the way, I'm Caleb's sister! My blog is privet so don't bother trying to go ot my blog!

  3. I need your camera... and maybe your eye too, while we're at it...