Autumnal Musings

I left work today, tired, sore, spent and stiff. The weekend was full of life, full of grace, so much is being processed, and thought out. Plans change, goals, hopes, can change, understanding can grow, and deepen. I spent a few hours today pounding nails into asphalt, stringing pneumatic tubes across the road, setting up cones, and directing traffic. A very reflective day, just processing where I am, where I am going. Lots of talking and lots of quite. I'm so thankful for the ability to have quite in my life. To live in a house with no neighbors, rather fields and wind. For creeks, and benches that are isolated in the heart of the city. I left work today and walked under an Aspen tree, and past a Juniper bush.

My Grandmothers house in Seattle has an Aspen tree and Juniper bush near the concrete steps to her front door. I had forgotten how Juniper smells, the color of slippery yellow aspen leaves on wet concrete, and looking down at the leaves under my feet - for a split second I was there - on a Sunday afternoon after church, wiping the wet leaves off my boots at the front door. I could see the old basset hound wind chime, hear its dull clanking thud that it made in the wind - always an odd thing to make a wind chime out of I've thought.

Just that sort of weekend, where you remember things long forgotten, things that make you remember other things, and soon you find that an hour has gone by. A grilled cheese and tomato soup sort of day. Grandma does not live there anymore. But the tree and bush still thrive. The leaves still fall, and the scent still lingers. And the days go by.

A good day today, a day to sit, and be still. Enjoy life, and friends, and hard work. Listen to people, listen with people. Read some Lewis, listened to some Chesterton, studied Philippians, made a resume, modeled the thermodynamics of a cooling tower, tried figure out how to prevent "divergent porpoising" during the landing and take off of amphibious aircraft.

Life is to be lived.

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