Ok I'm really having way too much fun with this hobby

I had a free morning today - nothing planned - so I planned on shooting a sunrise with Snook (he does not know it but I'm a little intimidated by his skill and general know-how, not to mention his great portraiture skills), and after that hitting the gym with Jonathan. The sun did not greet us, nor did the gym open its doors - so we all went on a photoing adventure.

Our 45 minute sunrise session turned into a five hour tour. Pictures, music, hiking, mud, old equipment, fields, dirt roads, scat - lots of scat, uncured pork made from contented pigs, organic beets, expensive chocolate, the Co-op, Moscow, Pullman, water towers and over cast skies - it was a busy day!

I keep coming back to that line from Chesterton dealing with courage,
.. A soldier surrounded by enemies, if he is to cut his way out, needs to combine a strong desire for living with a strange carelessness about dying...

I was reminded today that for anything to succeed, to truly succeed - failure must be a possibility, that we can't live life afraid to fail, so afraid that we don't live. And that when I'm at those places where life requires action, where it demands action, and I find my feet and spirit hesitant and reluctant, it's this "strange carelessness" I find myself drawing upon. It requires that I turn a deaf ear to myself, and listen to something deeper, older, wiser, stronger and quieter. It's separating what you know from what you feel. And so the process starts - examining what you know, and testing what you feel. And in the midst of the storm, the howl of the gale, that "strange carelessness" finds its source - when you can paddle no more, when you "drop anchor and pray for daylight"

All in all a really good day!


  1. Hey and we ended it with a nice LONG conversation. What else could you ask for?
    Awesome pics man!
    Great thoughts, really enjoy them.

  2. hey, you got some really sweet shots! especially that first gear one. I kept trying to get a shot like that...

    Heh, well I must say If you think you are at all lacking in general know-how you certainly make up for it with some kind of raw talent. You've got some great shots

  3. Neil you have to take me to several of these places the next time we come to see you!